Tips to Eliminating Puffy Eyes


When you wake up in the morning and experience difficulty opening your eyes, chances are you are suffering from puffy eyes. This is a condition that starts affecting people as they get older due to high water retention around their eyes. Left unchecked, you could develop eye bags and begin to look much older than your age. Luckily, there are a number of home remedies that you could use to eliminate this problem. Here are some of the handy tips and anti-ageing treatments that you could use to combat the development of puffy eyes.

Use cold compresses to soothe your eyes

One of the easiest ways to combat puffy eyes is through the use of cold compresses. Just as you would try to reduce inflammation using a cold compress, it can also work to reduce swelling in your eyes in the morning. A simple, natural cold compress that you could use is slices of cold cucumber. Place these directly onto your closed eyelids and lay your head down for several minutes. Another homemade cold compress you could use is chilled teabags. Wet these teabags before you sleep and put them into the freezer. In the morning, the chilled tea bags can be placed onto your eyelids to decrease the swelling.

Use an astringent tonic to reduce puffiness

Another way to reduce puffiness in your eyes would be by using an astringent tonic. These tonics are typically used to tighten up your skin pores. When your eyes swell, you will find that your pores have become enlarged. To reduce this, apply some astringent onto a cotton ball and apply liberally onto your swollen eyes. You should then close your eyes and place the soaked cotton balls on them for a few minutes so that the tonic can penetrate into your skin pores. Be sure to rinse your face after you are done.

Apply egg whites on the puffy skin

Some people may be sceptical about having to apply raw egg whites on their face. Nevertheless, this is an effective anti-ageing home remedy as not only does it decrease puffiness, but it also functions to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles. To use the egg whites first separate the yolks from the eggs. Proceed to whip the egg whites until a creamy consistency is reached. You should then add some astringent to the whipped egg whites. Witch hazel is an effective natural astringent that you could use. Apply this mixture directly onto your puffy eye and wait for it to dry. Once dry, rinse your face and repeat daily as needed.


11 November 2016

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